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Avon Terrace, York

York was the first inland town established in Western Australia. The Old Gaol and Courthouse complex features historic colonial buildings which date from 1852. The buildings, erected gradually over many years, include two law courts, prison cells and a troopers' cottage.

The interpretation of the York Courthouse Complex includes the history of law and law enforcement in the region and shows the significance of this place in its development from settlement to the present day.

In conjunction with a visit to York Courthouse Complex, read The Prisoner (pdf) to begin discussion about how prisoners at the site would have felt.

Plays for Performance are a series of Plays in pdf format that can be downloaded, rehearsed off site and performed at the York Courthouse Complex. The setting provides a unique opportunity for students to recreate through performance, aspects of their history and heritage in the original location.

The Plays are representative of the cases heard in the York Courthouse between 1860 and 1934. They are designed to be rehearsed and performed prior to the visit by students working in groups. Links to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework through the Learning Outcomes of Society & Environment: ICP; TCC and Active Citizenship and English are downloadable. Suitability range - Years 5 to 12

The main performance space is the 1874 courtroom. Refer to the floor plan to view the layout of the buildings. Students should be prepared for visitors in the Complex while they are performing.

Costumes are available for students use while presenting the plays on site. Please enquire about this when making your booking.

The National Trust suggests teachers/leaders read through each play and use their discretion to ensure suitability.

Teachers of S&E for years 8 to 12 should contact the National Trust to discuss curriculum specific needs.

Bookings essential.

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