Education and Learning



A visit to Peninsula Farm will introduce lower and middle primary students to how pioneer settlers and their families lived and worked on the farm in the early days of the Swan River Colony. They explore the house and grounds and enjoy 'hands-on' activities. They consider the place and how it has changed since pre-European settlement, including land use and size. They compare the 'old' with the 'new' way of doing things.

Maximum of 2 classes can be accommodated on site at a time. Other options are available if you wish to bring a larger group.  Please ensure you have adequate supervision for students - suggested ratio inside house is 1:5, other activities 1:10. Please discuss this with National Trust education staff at time of booking. Please allow at least half a day for your visit. Phone 9321 6088. Email

Activities can include one or more of the following. Most materials are provided.

Heritage Hounds
Primary aged students will explore the house to discover who lived and worked there, the difference between 'then and now' and what gives something 'heritage value'. Please download enough Teacher/Parent Guides and Student Booklets for participants.

Handle artefacts from previous generations and find out what they were for and how they were used.

A Boat for Mr Hardey (not suitable for lower primary)
Transport in the early days of Swan River Settlement. Students learn about the importance of the Swan River and make a raft to transport their goods from Fremantle to Peninsula Farm.

The Hardey family had their own windmill on the farm. Learn about windpower and make a windmill to take home.

Playing games enjoyed by children of the mid 1800s in the grounds.

Peg Dolls
Make and decorate a wooden peg doll to take home.

Discuss the meals prepared and eaten at Tranby around the mid 1800s. Set a table for dinner. Discuss table manners expected at that time.

Measuring and Weighing
Discuss what was grown, used and sold on the farm. Measure and weigh some the products using 'olden days' scales with pounds and ounces.