Education and Learning



Johnson Rd, Maylands


  • Research reasons why a settlement was made on the Swan River in the late 1820s.
  • Identify the basic needs of the early settlers (water, food, shelter).
    Consider how the early settlers satisfied their needs (ie how did they collect and store water?).
    How might the success or failure of these ventures affect the lives of the settlers?
  • Create a list of the ‘needs’ of the settlers and another of the ‘wants’ they may have had.
    After your visit compare your list with what you saw at Peninsula Farm (Tranby).
  • Make a plan or model of the three houses built by the Hardey's during the period they lived on the peninsula.
    Show how they used the land.
  • Identify questions for students to find answers to when they visit Peninsula Farm (Tranby) such as "What jobs did the Hardey children do?" "What did the Hardeys grow on their farm?"
  • Use information gathered during your visit to write a letter from Joseph or Anne Hardey to their family back in England.
  • Read about the lives of some other early Swan River settlers. 
    Use this information to write and perform a short play that shows some of the hardships they faced and some of the good times they had.
  • Create a time line to show some of the events of the Swan River Colony from 1827 to 1900.
  • Evaluate the role of women and children in the early settlement.
    What impact did they have in the establishment of the new colony?

  • Access information from sources such as newspapers, political cartoons and contemporary accounts to record differing viewpoints of similar events. For instance, the debate about bringing convicts to Western Australia.