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at East Perth Cemeteries, Bronte St, East Perth

Adopt-A-Grave brings together the skills of research and website technology with conservation,  gardening and maintenance.

Students taking part in the program research and interpret an important period and theme of local history and are empowered to present this information in a meaningful way to their peers and others.

They are introduced to East Perth Cemeteries and trained in maintenance skills, by expert curatorial and heritage staff. They learn  research skills at the State Library of Western Australia and finally create web site information pages at school. These are made available to the public through the National Trust website.

The students are encouraged to follow their own interests and make the website information interesting for others of a similar age group.

Visit Adopt-A-Grave website.

Download a pdf of Adopt-A-Grave WA curriculum connections.

The information provided on this web site is the work of school students and is their general summary for the public. 
Every effort has been made to deliver appropriate information.

If you are interested in your school becoming involved with this project 
contact National Trust (WA) Manager Education & Learning.
Phone: 9321 6088