Year 5 The Australian Colonies - Swan River Colony


This resource includes:

1.    Links to year 5 Achievement Standards

2.    Summary of student activity

3.    Reference material

4.    Notes on conducting an inquiry

1.  Links to Achievement Standards

·         Develop questions to form an historical inquiry.
·         Locate and identify relevant evidence.
·         Record information from a range of sources.
·         Identify the motivations of people from the time.
·         Use appropriate terms and concepts (such as significance) in communication.
·         Use a range of formats to present historical findings such as written and spoken formats.

2.  Summary of Student Activity

The concept of historical significance refers to people or events having long-term importance in the shaping or development of a country. People from many backgrounds changed the Swan River Colony during the 1800s. Many of these people were buried in the East Perth Cemeteries – administrators, entrepreneurs, political and religious leaders. A list has been included, but it is not comprehensive and students can be encouraged to research someone else of interest such as a family member who may have been important in the Colonial period. Students research an important individual from the Swan River Colony from the period 1829 to the 1890s. They present this information to the class, a school assembly or parents. Teachers may wish to link with ICT for this activity, asking students to present their performance using a digital storytelling format with voice over or similar.

See STUDENT ACTIVITY 5: Introducing the Ghost of ...
The student’s task is to become the ghost of an important person from the Swan River Colony who lived during the 1800s. Students research, write a script and make a presentation about their life and why they were important to our history.

3.  Reference Material

You may direct your students to the list of significant West Australians buried at East Perth Cemeteries or students may choose to research another person.
TEACHER RESOURCE 5: Some Significant WA Colonists
See also:
Notes for Student Discovery Trail and
Sources for on line reference links.

4.  Notes on Conducting an Inquiry

An Inquiry is an important skill in History which is reinforced throughout the Australian Curriculum: History. Go to TEACHER RESOURCE 5: Notes on Conducting an Inquiry for further information.