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    Early construction at Mundaring Weir, c1898

Early stage in building the storage reservoir for WA’s goldfields water supply that gives an indication of the scale and shows features of note such as the bedrock and narrow valley.

    Workers' camp at Mundaring Weir, c1900

Men and children in front of temporary homes erected for workers and their families at the site of a storage dam and pumping station for the goldfields water supply scheme.

    Construction of a pumping station, 1901

Bricklayers are busy on the outer wall of a pumping station that will house machinery to deliver water through a 560 km pipeline, including boilers that are already in place.

    Building the weir wall at Mundaring, 1902

A view across the length of the dam wall including workers, buildings and equipment and showing methods used in constructing the storage reservoir for WA’s goldfields water supply.

  Building No 1 Pumping Station, 1902

Shows one of the eight pumping stations and two other components of the water supply scheme to WA’s arid goldfields: the storage reservoir and the start of the 560km pipeline.

  First day's pumping at No 1 Pumping Station, 1902

Taken on 31 March 1902, lending itself to discussion regarding whether the designer C Y O’Connor really thought the goldfields pipeline would / did fail.

    Reservoir at No 2 Pumping Station, 1902

Shows a pipe discharging water into a tank, which facilitates understanding of the goldfields pipeline’s operating principles.

    Diagram of water-tube steam boiler, 1903

A technical drawing showing the internal workings of the type of sophisticated boiler used to generate steam for engines used to pump water 560km to WA’s arid Eastern Goldfields.

    'Au fait accompli', 1903

As Western Australia Premier, John Forrest, gained parliamentary approval for the goldfields pipeline so he officiated at the Kalgoorlie opening.

  Steam-driven pumping engine, 1905

Technical labelled drawing showing a cutaway of the type of sophisticated engine used to pump water 560km to WA’s arid Eastern Goldfields and the passage of steam through it.


Wood stacks at Mundaring Weir, c1910

Wood, destined as fuel for boilers to generate steam to pump water to arid WA goldfields, stacked outside a pumping station at the base of the storage dam for the supply scheme.