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    Paddy Hannan's Miner's Right, 1893

This Miner's Right, required by law in WA, is significant because it belonged to Paddy Hannan, associated with the Kalgoorlie gold discoveries.

    C Y O'Connor, 1897

Charles Yelverton O'Connor is arguably Western Australia’s most famous engineer, particularly associated with the goldfields water pipeline.

    Cartoon showing John Forrest and C Y O'Connor, 1897

While Forrest and O’Connor were regularly lampooned in cartoons, this one has particular poignancy given O’Connor’s untimely death.


Paddy Hannan, 'Kalgoorlie's Pioneer', 1899

This framed illumination indicates the degree of recognition accorded Paddy Hannan following the discovery of gold at what became Kalgoorlie.


C Y O'Connor's suicide note, 1902

The last note written by CY O’Connor gives an insight into his state of mind and appears to refute a myth surrounding his death.

    'Au fait accompli', 1903

As Western Australia Premier, John Forrest, gained parliamentary approval for the goldfields pipeline so he officiated at the Kalgoorlie opening.



Statue of C Y O'Connor, 1999

This statue of the engineer on horseback is one of several commemorating the engineer most famous for WA’s goldfields water supply pipeline.